Taking a leading role in shaping China’s energy systems, Suunpower has a successful track record in various power generation as well as industrial energy efficiency projects. Now focusing on EPC activities for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) projects within China’s ambitious 5-year plan, Suunpower is deeply engaged in the execution of the first 20 pilot projects totalling a generation capacity of 1GW.

Suunpower is constantly aiming to offer the best technological solution to its customers. This aims at driving down total system costs and utilizing localization potentials in support of the domestic economy. In order to simplify energy storage for its CSP customers – with the benefit of reduced CAPEX and OPEX, yet yielding a higher net energy production – Suunpower now partnered up with EnergyNest to introduce a game-changing energy storage solution in the Chinese market. Mr. Xing, CEO of Suunpower: “We are very pleased having identified with EnergyNest a company offering a real game changing technology. The EnergyNest TES allows Suunpower to extend the product portfolio and contribute significantly to the success of Concentrated Solar Power in China as well as to the emission reduction targets of the industry. With this technology, we will be able to resolve some of the biggest energy related challenges or our time.” Adopting the innovative EnergyNest technology, Suunpower is strengthening its status as a technology and innovation frontrunner.

EnergyNest can support Suunpower achieving significant cost advantages over Molten Salt energy storage systems for new CSP projects. Furthermore, the novel Thermal Energy Storage (TES) allows to capture current waste heat from industrial facilities and to make it accessible for later use, providing an economic benefit to its customers. “We are very excited about our strategic partnership with Suunpower. Together we have the great opportunity to bring a real, positive impact to the Chinese power sector, helping to balance power and waste-heat supply with real demand, leading to a reduction in China’s carbon footprint.” says EnergyNest CEO Dr. Christian Thiel.

EnergyNest (EN) is a young technology company based in Billingstad, close to the Norwegian capital Oslo. Founded in 2011, EN has developed a unique and patented design for a modular solid-state thermal energy storage (“TES”) systems and a tailored solid state storage medium (HEATCRETE®) that enables a very simple, efficient, and low cost energy storage system (“EN technology”). The EN technology can be applied in various market segments, that require high temperature thermal energy storage for many hours or days. Such applications comprise Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), industrial waste heat recovery and smart power grid solutions, such a storing and utilizing excess renewable energies. EN’s technology is field proven at the Masdar Institute, UAE.

Suunpower Co., Ltd. operates as an energy technology and engineering company. It focuses on the research and development of renewable and recoverable energy technologies; design, implementation, and investment of waste heat recovery power generation systems and projects; research and development of power generation equipment; and construction, operation, and maintenance of small to medium size power plants. The company provides design and construction for energy conservation and emission reduction projects; consulting, design, construction, and commissioning for power generations; and training for power plant staff and guarantee of operation, supervision for power engineering projects, engineering project management, financial services for projects, and power plants maintenance. The company also provides cement kiln, glass furnace, sulfuric acid production, sintering machine, and converter steam waste heat recovery power generation systems; and secondary energy recovery, low temperature waste heat utilization, and tri-generation products. It has strategic partnership with China Light Industry Design Engineering Co., Ltd.; China Datang Corporation Renewable Power Co., Ltd.; China Huarong Asset Management Corporation; and Shanghai Baosteel Energy Tech Co., Ltd. Suunpower Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Xi’an, China.