Abu Dhabi

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP): AREVA to participate at the 23rd World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi

As part of the summit, AREVA will notably present its concentrated solar power (CSP) technology which has been enhanced through competitive storage solutions.

Masdar’s Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Achievements To Be Showcased During ADSW 2014

In March, Masdar inaugurated the 100 megawatt Shams 1, the world's largest concentrated solar thermal power plant. Powering 20,000 homes in the UAE, Shams 1 is the region's largest renewable energy plant.

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP): Where powering up the desert pays off

The 100MW Shams 1 concentrated solar power (CSP) project covers 2.5 square kilometres and comprises more than 258,000 mirrors mounted on 768 tracking parabolic trough collectors.

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