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Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) thermal storage to offer grid stability in South Africa

Concentrated solar power (CSP) in conjunction with thermal storage could provide South Africa with grid stability during peak periods when electricity was most needed.

2013 completions of large concentrated solar power (CSP) plants mark technology gains

Several large, new concentrated solar power (CSP) plants are expected to begin commercial operation by the end of 2013, more than doubling the solar thermal generating capacity in the United States.

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) With Storage Can Benefit the Grid

The evidence is piling up that when the real value of energy is considered, electricity generated from concentrating solar power (CSP) plants with storage capability outperforms solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind power.

Do Utilities Know the Real Value of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)?

For CSP (Concentrating Solar Power) and PV (photovoltaic) solar to gain utilities’ favor, the utilities that would obtain power from them must accurately value them.

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