Andalusia has 43% of Spain’s concentrated solar power and solar radiation 13% higher than average

Andalusia is the Spanish region "with the greatest and best renewable resource", with 43% of the solar thermal megawatts (MW) installed in Spain; the first autonomous community in solar thermal power, surpassing the million square meters of solar collection surface; It has more than 1,000 photovoltaic MW in operation and [...]

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant Los Arenales taken into operation

The specialist for process heat and heat transfer, heat 11 from Bielefeld, Germany, has taken into operation three heaters in Andalusia (Spain) for the 50 megawatt (MW) parabolic trough concentrating solar power (CSP).

Solar power plant Andasol 3 produces environment-friendly energy for the first time

The solar thermal power plant Andasol 3 in Andalusia, southern Spain, for the first time produced solar generated steam during a test phase in which the rows of parabolic mirrors were aligned with the sun.

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