Aora Solar

Modular hybrid concentrated solar power

The reach of on-site solar power is continually being extended to further off-grid locations in developing countries through add-on options such as battery energy storage. Hybrid solar installations, which include an alternate fuel source such as a diesel generator to provide power during nighttime hours, are another viable option. Aora [...]

Micro-CSP (Concentrated Solar Power)

Most people think that concentrating solar thermal (CSP) power plants must be large and expensive. Systems are generally based on very large steam turbines with a high overhead cost that can only be amortized over large scale production rates (typically 50-100MW, or more). This amount of power requires thousands of [...]

AORA Concentrated Solar Power Hybrid Technology

AORA Solar announced the visit of a delegation comprised of officials from the Ethiopian Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy, the Ethiopian Energy Authority as well Ethiopian universities.

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