Palen Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) project meeting seeks finding common ground

The permitting process for BrightSource Energy and Abengoa Solar’s stalled Palen Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) project has become rather like a good old-fashioned serial/soap opera.

Challenges Faced by the Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Industry

The fact that concentrating solar power plants can be coupled with energy storage and thereby dispatch power in a more uniform way makes them attractive to utilities. However, questions remain about their long-term finan

California gives the green light for switch of Blythe Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) project to photovoltaic (PV)

The California Energy Commission (CEC) has approved NextEra Energy's plans to convert the Blythe Solar Power project in Southern California from concentrating solar power (CSP) technology to solar photovoltaic (PV) techn

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