Green Energy

Saudi Arabia is getting serious about green energy

The kingdom has high potential to capitalise on solar energy – photovoltaic technology and concentrated solar power technology – to drive its economic diversification agenda, new research from investment banking company Natixis shows. It also pointed to wind energy as a promising front as technological advancements make wind farms more [...]

China’s goal: 10 GW Concentrated Solar Power in 2020

CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) is growing in China. Before, China experimented with two small-scale CSP-plants operational. Right now, China is building seven CSP plants and again zeven in the near future.  China’s National Energy Administration did proposals for a green future including 3 objectives: for PV for CSP and for [...]

Concentrated Solar Power Tower In Seville, Spain: The Future Of Electricity? (VIDEO)

Seville, Spain hosts the first commercial operation of solar tower technology in the world. According to the report, it features over 1,000 freestanding heliostat mirrors that follow the arc of the sun.

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