HELIOtube, plastic tube solar collector for Concentrated Solar Power

HELIOVIS has been running a demo plant in Spain for two years demonstrating their novel low-cost blow-up plastic tube solar collector for CSP. The small startup is fighting hard to get the industry-scale financial backing needed to introduce the technology and to make commercial sales. IMAGE@HELIOVIS – How the pneumatic [...]

HELIOVIS Successfully Commissioned Inflatable Concentrated Solar Power Collector

For decades, little innovation in costly solar mirror fields. If one visualizes a 200 MWpel-CSP (Concentrated Solar Power)-plant, it mainly consists of three technical parts: i) the solar field to collect the solar irradiation, ii) the thermal system with a thermal storage, and iii) the power block with the [...]

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Are plastic films the future for Concentrated Solar Power?

HELIOtube is a highly innovative type of solar concentrator with plastic films as its key component. The results are significant advantages in capital expenditure and operating expenses. Therefore, the HELIOtube allows 55 % cost savings and significant reductions in CO2 emissions over the entire lifecycle compared to the most advanced [...]

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HELIOVIS AG developed an innovative inflatable solar collector

Over 30 years ago, the first batch of commercial parabolic trough solar thermal power plants were built in California in the 1980s. Until now the glass mirrors dominate all commercial CSP-technologies. However, there has been slow progress to improve the economic efficiency of parabolic trough plants as the CSP industry [...]

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