Concentrated Solar Power electricity: an essential building block for the energy transition

Abengoa highlights the key role of hybridization for the energy transition during its participation in COP25. Miguel Méndez Trigo, director of Solar Technology of the company, described it as a key solution for decarbonization during his participation in the "Solar thermal electricity: an essential building block for the energy transition" [...]

Concentrated Solar Power hybridization projects on the new world energy landscape

SENER's proven experience in concentrated solar power places the company in an unbeatable position in hybridization projects, which open a new landscape on the world energy map. SENER has been involved in 29 solar thermal power plants built all around the world, using SENER’s own technology, and most of them [...]

Technical, economical and environmental advantages of Concentrated Solar Power hybridization

The project HYSOL is entering into the demonstration stage in order to see the technical, economical and environmental advantages of using a hybridization of solar power with fossil and renewable fuels.

Potential of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and mining hybridization in South Africa

Amongst the most active mining countries in the world, Chile, South Africa and Australia offer the best conditions for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) application.

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