Linear Fresnel

Saudi Arabia Linear Fresnel System Concentrated Solar Power Commissioned Successfully

A 124kWt linear Fresnel system, supported by Soltigua together with its project partner IRIS Technologies, is in the successful commissioning in Saudi Arabia recently, which marks another step towards green energy in the MENA region. Soltigua provides both the linear Fresnel and a containerized Balance of Plant for the solar [...]

Linear Fresnel systems and the future for Concentrated Solar Power

Concentrated solar power systems have until recently focused on bulk electricity production, with the main focus on solar towers and trough type collectors. Recent developments have focused on smaller units to supplement thermal power stations and to provide heat for industrial processes. Collectors based on the linear Fresnel reflector [...]

Linear Fresnel Concentrated Solar Power System Inaugurated in Cyprus

The Cyprus Institute’s Linear Fresnel Solar Energy System for Built Environment of the Novel Technologies Laboratory (NTL) building was inaugurated by the Honorable Minister of Finance, Harris Georgiades, on April 11. The Minister in his address stressed that research and innovation can and should have a very important role in a new economic [...]

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