Namibian first Concentrated Solar Power plant details to be published in November

Up to 70% of Namibia’s electricity demand is imported, mostly from South Africa and to a lesser extent form Zimbabwe and Zambia. NamPower, Namibia’s national power utility, is pursuing comprehensive energy provision and supply efficiency throughout Namibia. Concentrated solar power especially with storage, has been regarded as one of the [...]

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Nampower issues tender and procurement for Concentrated Solar Power Plant for Namibia

1) Techno-economic Consultant to assist NamPower with the feasibility of CSP plants in NamPower. The funding for the Techno-economic Consultant will be financed by Sustainability 4All thought the EIB. The Procurement notice has been published on the EIB website and NamPower website.   Short description of procurement notice: NamPower, [...]

Namibia’s first Concentrated Solar Power plant could reach 200 MW

Namibia Power Corporation (NamPower) tendered in November for a new impact assessment to build the country's first CSP plant which could see as much as 200 MW of capacity built on an unused coal plant site. According to the tender document, NamPower wants the new CSP plant's capacity to be between [...]

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Namibia Evaluating Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Potential in Feasibility Study

Namibian utility NamPower is the implementing agent for the execution of a new feasibility study to establish a concentrated solar power (CSP) plant with storage in the country.

Major Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) developers to discuss Southern Africa’s potential market

Namibia is preparing its first 50 MW concentrated solar power project and Botswana has too plans to include renewable energy amongst its energy portfolio.

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