NamPower starts feasibility study for Concentrated Solar Power plant

With a tender for a utility-scale concentrated solar power plant likely to be launched this year, Namibia’s embrace of renewables is gaining momentum. It also offers fresh hope to advocates of CSP technology following past setbacks. With an installed capacity of 680 MW, Namibia produces 70% of its electricity from [...]

Namibia to build a 150 MW Concentrated Solar Power plant

Namibian power utility NamPower plans to build three new plants, its managing director said on Friday, to boost electricity security in the southwest African country. Namibia is a net importer of electricity with an installed capacity of 513.5 megawatts. The country is home to the Kudu Gas Fields, which [...]

Studies to develop a Concentrated Solar Power plant with storage in Namibia

NamPower has made significant progress with regard to the development of its biomass and concentrated solar power projects its managing director Simson Haulofu indicated this week at the Invest in Namibia International conference. “We have been looking at issues of biomass. We can generate quite a lot. Sixty megawatts (MW) [...]

Nampower issues tender and procurement for Concentrated Solar Power Plant for Namibia

1) Techno-economic Consultant to assist NamPower with the feasibility of CSP plants in NamPower. The funding for the Techno-economic Consultant will be financed by Sustainability 4All thought the EIB. The Procurement notice has been published on the EIB website and NamPower website.   Short description of procurement notice: NamPower, [...]

Namibia Evaluating Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Potential in Feasibility Study

Namibian utility NamPower is the implementing agent for the execution of a new feasibility study to establish a concentrated solar power (CSP) plant with storage in the country.

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