Masdar Institute Facility Able to Store Concentrated Solar Power at Temperatures as High as 400 Celsius

It successfully demonstrates low-cost storage technology for concentrated solar power (CSP) and is considered significant, as solar energy can now be stored in solid state at temperatures up to 400 Celsius at Masdar Inst

Dow Chemical and NEST collaborate for Concentrated Solar Power

The project, to be undertaken at Masdar’s ‘Beam Down’ Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), will seek to study the feasibility and benefits of a novel TES system developed.

Masdar and NEST partner in TES Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) pilot scheme

The two are to use NEST’s prototype Thermal Energy Storage (TES) system along with Masdar’s experimental ‘beam-down’ CSP installation at Masdar City, with work set to commence in the second quarter of 2014.

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