Morocco to start full operation of largest concentrated solar power complex in October

Morocco will fully switch on the Noor Ouarzazate complex, the world's largest solar power plant, in October, said the Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy. After launching its first stage in February 2016, the remaining three phases of the complex will become operational by October, said Mustapha Bakkoury, managing director of [...]

Concentrated Solar Power from the desert

Nowhere does the sun radiate more energy than in the desert. Morocco is harnessing this potential to free itself from fossil fuels with concentrated solar power plants. This is exemplary from an emerging country, and a bold step that is supported by international donors like KfW. The world's largest solar [...]

Interview with Carolina Vélez, head of the NOORo II and NOORo III training program

Carolina Vélez, head of the Training Cycle of Young Talents in Solar Power Plants of NOORo II and NOORo III tells us her experience. After the success of the first edition, last March, the second personnel training program of the plant started, this time focusing on the NOOR Uarzazat III [...]

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SENER, Masen and OFPPT launch the second edition of the NOOR Ouarzazate training program

The engineering and technology group SENER, the Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (Masen) and the Moroccan Office of Professional Training and Promotion of Employment (OFPPT) have started a second edition of the training programme for future employees of the NOOR Ouarzazate III thermoelectric solar power plant. This initiative, for the [...]

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Noor concentrated solar power (CSP) complex at Ouarzazate will be completed before the summer of 2018

The Noor concentrated solar power (CSP) complex at Ouarzazate, will be completed before the summer of 2018, Mustapha Bakkoury, head at Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy (Masen) told a press conference on Friday. The EUR-810-million (USD 1bn) second phase of the thermosolar cylindrical parabolic troughs complex Noor Ouarzazate will be [...]

Concentrated Solar Power puts end to Morocco electricity blackouts

Morocco’s first operating CSP plant has shown that concentrating solar power can solve the problem of energy blackouts in the peak evening hours, a senior representative of the Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy (MASEN) told the recent CSP Seville conference. The 160 MW Noor 1 parabolic trough power plant exceeded [...]

AfDB grants loan support to Noor concentrated solar power project

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has approved $324-million in loan support to two renewable energy projects in Morocco and Côte d’Ivoire that are expected to significantly increase power supplies and boost economic growth in those countries. The loan support is in line with the AfDB’s New Deal on Energy [...]

The largest stake holder in the largest concentrated solar power plant in Africa called Ouarzazate NOOR

Morocco has a goal to achieve forty two percent of renewable energy target for 2020. And with the current power plants that are operating and some under development cum construction; Morocco is already heading towards the next target for 2030. One of the firms; active in the renewable energy drive [...]

Valve control for Concentrated Solar Power project in Morocco

Sarah Kellett explains how advanced valve control supports the world’s largest concentrated solar power plant Rotork works closely with the solar energy industry to integrate economical and efficient intelligent valve actuation and control solutions into the design of concentrated solar power (CSP) plants. The giant Noor CSP in Morocco is [...]

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Siemens to deliver turbines for Noor II and III Concentrated Solar Power plants in Morocco

Siemens will deliver the steam plants and generators for the Noor II and Noor III concentrated solar power (CSP) plants at the end of 2016. Noor II and III are respectively the second and the third phase of a huge solar thermal power complex near the city of Ouarzazate in [...]

Masen’s Noor Ouarzazate I Concentrated Solar Power Complex

Open only a few months at most on state lands, ten kilometers from Ouarzazate airport and near the desert village of Tiffoultoute in a region of Morocco better known as stage settings for movies and shows from Gladiator to Prison Break. The plant is about equidistance from Zagora and Marrakesh. A roadway lined [...]

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Morocco’s Noor hybrid projects extend the reach of Concentrated Solar Power

Morocco is following in Chile’s footsteps with two new solar hybrid complexes that will maximize synergies and optimize the cost per kilowatt hour. The first of these independent power projects, Noor Midelt, is envisioned as a solar power complex with a total installed capacity of 400 MW, utilizing 80–85% CSP [...]

Germany provides EUR 400m in financing to Morocco’s Noor Concentrated Solar Power plant

German development bank KfW will lend Morocco EUR 400 (USD 438m) to finance the construction of the Noor Midelt concentrated solar power complex. Federal Development Minister Gerd Muller and Mustapha Bakkoury from Morocco's agency for solar power, signed the agreement on February 27, news agency MAP reports. The Noor Midelt [...]

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