Concentrated solar power could beat lower price PV with new market rules

Concentrated solar power can deliver greater grid stability than photovoltaics, but needs better recognition of its value to be competitive. Concentrated solar power's failure to gain momentum in U.S. markets is a signal that traditional resource valuations may be slowing the energy transition, a February CSP conference made clear. CSP, [...]

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Price of Concentrated Solar Power to drop to $60/MWh by 2020, IRENA predicts

Auction results suggest that CSP will provide electricity for between $60/MWh and $100/MWh by 2020, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency’s annual report on renewable power costs. According to the report, CSP enjoys a higher learning rate – the percentage cost reduction experienced for every doubling of cumulative installed [...]

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ACWA Power scales up tower-trough design to set record-low Concentrated Solar Power price

The giant 700 MW project in Dubai will combine tower and trough technologies and use scale and local infrastructure synergies to set a new benchmark price of $73/MWh for CSP with storage, Andrea Lovato, ACWA Power's Executive Director of Business Development, told New Energy Update. On September 16, the [...]

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