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Saudi Arabia SEC starts operating 50 MW through the concentrated solar power (CSP) in Waad Al-Shamal

The Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) has started operating a combined cycle power plant in the Waad Al-Shamal Mining City, located south of Turaif in the Northern Border Region. The plant, costing over SR3.75 billion, has a total capacity of 1,390 megawatt (MW) electricity, of which 50 MW will come [...]

GE Integrates Concentrated Solar Power with Combined Cycle in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) has selected GE for a project that marks Saudi Arabia's first integration of a Concentrated Solar Power with a combined-cycle plant and the first introduction of condensate as a gas turbin

Saudi Arabia reveals plans for its first plant using Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)

Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) has selected Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) to produce electricity with the 550 MW Duba 1 project, an Saudi Electricity Company power plant (ISCC).

Saudi Electricity Company Invites Expressions of Interest for Duba 1 Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)

The 550 MW combined cycle plant will integrate a parabolic trough Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) unit, believed to be about 20 to 30 MW in capacity.

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