Solar Tower

German heliostat tracker raises bar for Concentrated Solar Power tower accuracy

Tests of a new rapid heliostat calibration system show millimetres of error at the receiver and could be tested at commercial plants within a year, Gregor Bern, project manager at Fraunhofer ISE, told Reuters Events. A new heliostat alignment technology developed in Germany highlights the widening range of cost-saving products [...]

Concentrated Solar Power Tower In Seville, Spain: The Future Of Electricity? (VIDEO)

Seville, Spain hosts the first commercial operation of solar tower technology in the world. According to the report, it features over 1,000 freestanding heliostat mirrors that follow the arc of the sun.

Siemens to Supply Steam Turbine-Generators for Concentrating Solar Power Thermal

Siemens Energy has received an order for the supply of an SPPA-T3000 instrumentation & controls (I&C) system and two steam turbine-generators for the Ivanpah concentrated solar energy thermal plant in California.

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