Southern California Edison

Ivanpah, one of the largest concentrated solar power plants, is in trouble

One of the most ambitious solar energy projects on the planet is in trouble. The $2.2 billion Ivanpah concentrated solar power facility in California has fallen well short of its expected power output and now has a year to get itself back on track, or it risks being forced to [...]

CPUC Approves Two BrightSource Energy Contracts With Southern California Edison

BrightSource Energy, a leading concentrating solar thermal technology company, announced that the CPUC unanimously approved two amended BrightSource contracts with Southern California Edison (SCE).

Edison cancels contract for Tessera’s Calico concentrated solar energy project

Southern California Edison (SCE) has canceled its contract to buy the power produced by the Calico Power Project, a 663 MW concentrating solar power plant under development by Calico Solar LLC, a subsidiary of Tessera.

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