World’s First Industrial Solar Furnace to Melt Steel Without Fuel or Electricity

Panatère, a watch component manufacturer and steel recycling business based in Saignelégier, has announced that it will soon inaugurate its concentrating industrial solar furnace. A pilot model – and a world first – that will allow it to melt green steel, locally, to produce components for the watchmaking, medical and [...]

Heliogen can melt steel using just Concentrated Solar Power

Heliogen is a California based company that is combining ordinary materials like rocks and mirrors with artificial intelligence to revolutionize the solar industry and make industrial processes more eco-friendly. The alternative energy space has been heating up this past decade. With money pouring in from both the private and public sector, [...]

Concentrated Solar Power could also use slag as a thermal storage material

Slag is the steel industry’s biggest waste byproduct. It could find a use: to cut the carbon emissions from steel production Starting this year, thermal energy researchers in Spain’s Basque Country will test the use of slag as thermal energy storage within the steelmaking process, to cut the use of [...]

Steel Fabricator Lowers Cost of Manufacturing Concentrated Solar Power Dishes

One challenge of renewable energy innovators is that while they aim to efficiently convert natural resources into energy, they often have limited resources and manufacturing expertise.

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