Generative Design of Concentrated Solar Power Towers

In a sense, design is about choosing parameters. All the parameters available for adjustment form the basis of the multi-dimensional solution space. The ranges within which the parameters are allowed to change, often due to constraints, sets the volume of the feasible region of the solution space where the designer [...]

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Wide-scale deployment of Concentrated Solar Power molten salt towers to begin by 2020

The Concentrated Solar Power industry will be ready for a wide-scale rollout of molten salt tower plants between 2018 and 2020, industry consultants have predicted to New Energy Update. Molten nitrate and potassium salts are used for energy storage in many CSP plants, but the 110 MW Crescent Dunes [...]

Sandia scientists find the optimal way to mop up surplus solar flux on Concentrated Solar Power towers

Excess solar flux could be harnessed and used to generate additional electricity at a tower CSP plant, by cladding part of the tower containing the receiver with photovoltaic (PV) panels, according to Sandia scientist Cliff Ho. He found that adding PV on the tower could generate over 10 MW, or [...]

Coalition commits $110m for Port Augusta concentrated solar power towers

The federal Coalition government has announced that it will provide $110 million in concessional loans to a solar tower and molten salt storage project in Port Augusta, as part of last minute negotiations with the Nick Xenophon Party to pass major tax cuts. The commitment was announced by finance minister [...]

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