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NOORo 580MW CSP+PV concentrated solar power complex: Site visit open

Morocco NOOR Ouarzazate (NOORo) Solar complex is comprised of three concentrated solar power plants 160MW parabolic trough NOORo1, 200MW power tower NOORo2 and 150MW parabolic trough NOORo3, and one PV plant 70MW NOORo4.Once fully completed in October this year, it will be world largest solar power and CSP project complex. [...]

Morocco to start full operation of largest concentrated solar power complex in October

Morocco will fully switch on the Noor Ouarzazate complex, the world's largest solar power plant, in October, said the Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy. After launching its first stage in February 2016, the remaining three phases of the complex will become operational by October, said Mustapha Bakkoury, managing director of [...]

Bokpoort Concentrated Solar Power runs 24/7 for 14 days in South Africa

ACWA Power has now demonstrated fully dispatchable solar for when the sun doesn’t shine, at Bokpoort in South Africa. Running around the clock for two weeks, ACWA Power’s 50 MW Bokpoort project is an example of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), the solar that can be called on day or night, because when [...]

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