The new piece covers the technical aspects of the technology that is growing considerably in Chile.

Following the publication of the report “CSP Tower and Chile – Part 1: Market Evolution”, CSP Today publishes the second part of the report entitled “Part 2: Technology”.

Belén Gallego, CEO of CSP Today and one of the authors of the guide, explains the importance of this technology: “Tower is gaining traction quickly in the international arena, and its relative market share is growing rapidly. Coupled with molten salt storage, CSP tower technology offers dispatchability and high capacity factors as well as a 30+ technology lifecycle.”

“CSP Tower and Chile – Part 2: Technology” provides a comprehensive analysis of each component of the solar Tower and field including how the receiver and heat transfer fluids work in the plant. By featuring the mechanics of this CSP technology, the report allows the reader to estimate the inside of the 110 MW Cerro Dominador Project with which Abengoa won the first international government bid in Chile last January.

Furthermore, the guide published by CSP Today outlines the storage capacity of CSP Tower plants. The unique characteristic of the technology allows between 3 and 20 hours of back-up power, enhancing CSP´s dispatchability.

Finally, the report gives analysis on the reasons why solar Tower can be a perfect match for the Chilean environment. In particular, it examines the solutions to overcome the challenges that the desert presents for CSP plants, such as water scarcity.

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