SENER’s facilities in Madrid (Spain) will be visited on April 14 by the Committee on Environment and Climate Change of the Spanish Senate, led by its President, María Jesús Ruiz Ruiz.

The President of SENER, Jorge Sendagorta, and the President of Torresol Energy, Enrique Sendagorta, will receive the delegation and take care of the visitors, being accompanied by the General Manager of Torresol Energy, Álvaro Lorente, and SENER’s Power and Process General Manager, Borja Zárraga.

During the meeting, a summary of the Group’s activity in Energy and Environment will be presented. In this area, SENER develops projects in the fields of renewable recyclable energies and energy valuation of waste, in which it also has stock options. This has led, over more than a decade, to the creation of new companies characterized by their innovative spirit, such as the solid waste treatment plant Zabalgarbi, in Bilbao (Spain) or Torresol Energy, a company specializing in the promotion and development of pioneering solar concentration power plants, with technology milestones such as Gemasolar, Valle 1 and Valle 2.

A particular focus will be placed on energy valuation of waste, a sector in which SENER has developed reference projects as remarkable as the above-mentioned Zabalgarbi plant or the future Walsall project in the United Kingdom.

The Committee will learn more about the activity of SENER in other areas by visiting the Integration and Test Center, located in the same complex of SENER premises in Madrid, in which the assembly, integration and testing of equipment, mechanisms and subcomponents, especially for aerospace projects, is conducted. In addition, the visitors will attend a demonstration of SENER’s FORAN System for marine design and construction, which celebrates its 50 years in 2015, in the virtual reality room situated in the Marine department.