All these projects face economic, regulatory and environmental challenges.

The CSP potential in the Middle East and North African (MENA) region has grown with the 660 million dollars funding from the CTF (Clean Technology Fund). North African countries are now ready to achieve 1120 MW of energy from CSP for the region in one of the most ambitious CSP plans worldwide.

Other notable projects in the MENA region include the 100 MW Shams 1 project in the UAE and the 50 MW CSP Shagaya Project which the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) has recently opened bids for.

A breakdown of the funding includes: 

    Morocco: CTF US$218M for 300 MW (Ouarzazate II)

    Egypt: CTF US$123M for 100 MW (Kom Ombo)

    Tunisia: CTF US$62M for 50 MW (Akarit) (may increase to 100)

    Jordan: CTF US$50M for up to 100 MW including CPV 

All these projects face economic, regulatory and environmental challenges. Sandstorms, water scarcity, natural resources abundance, direct normal irradiation or sandy soil affect plant at all its stages, from design to operation, including construction and commissioning.

All these factors and strategies will be addressed in detail at CSP Today Enhanced Plant Engineering, where technical experts in international market from ACWA, Cobra Energy, Astrom Technical Advisors or Tractebel GDF Suez, will delve deep into the strategies that solve specific technical and market challenges. They’ll be focusing on design and operation optimization, cutting costs, enhancing plant versatility and performance to achieve a more competitive plant and break into the market.

As part of the International CSP Week, CSP Today Enhanced Plant Engineering will take place 12-13 November, where plant directors, O&M managers, project & engineering directors, researchers and technical experts will meet with international CSP leaders to provide solutions to the most pressing technical questions.