7th – 17th November 2016

This School, the first of a series of annual Autumn Schools on Concentrated Solar Technologies (CST), is directed to graduate (Masters and Doctoral) students and to early career professionals.

The school offers a fast paced comprehensive overview of the field, to be followed by intermediate and advanced lectures on selected topics of keen interest to the field, delivered by world experts.

Visits and hands-on activities will take place in the state-of-the-art research infrastructures of the Cyprus Institute.

Download the NESTER 2016 School brochure.


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 2016 NESTER School Program

1st Week (General course):

  • Context:  energy and future
  • General introduction to CSP and CST technologies
  • Solar resource
  • Parabolic Troughs/Central Receivers/Linear Fresnel Collectors/Solar Dishes
  • Power cycles for CSP plants
  • Thermal Storage
  • Alternative applications for CST energy
  • Basics of CSP economics
  • Outlook on research and commercial project / Future perspectives

2nd Week (Specialized topics):

  • Module on Optics
  • Module on Linear point focusing
  • Module on Water desalination


The program will also include visits and afternoon activities as well as round tables with international scientific experts.

(This program may be subject to change.  A more detailed schedule will be available soon)