It has always been an unlevelled playing field for renewable energy in an industry dominated by old, cash rich fossil fuel giants with a low of political power.

However, the recent shale gas boom in USA has brought further uncertainty about the future of solar technologies, particularly CSP. With gas price hitting rock bottom, the cost competitiveness of solar projects in the short to mid-term will be harder to meet than ever before.

In this program of CSP Today Live Debates we speak to experts about the ramifications of the shale gas boom for the energy industry worldwide including the knock-on effect in energy prices, environmental regulation, climate policies and much more. We will also attempt to determine whether shale gas is a friend or foe of renewable energy technologies in USA, Europe and beyond.

On the 23r May, 2 experts will join us in the discussion:

  • Alex Trembath, Policy Analyst of Energy & Climate Program, Breakthrough Institute
  • John Marciano, Partner, Chadbourne & Parke
  • John Williams, Senior Principal, Pöyry Management Consulting

Moderated by: Belén Gallego, Founder & Director, CSP Today

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