On July 4, the Development and Reform Commission of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region issued the list of the second batch of market-based grid-connected new energy projects 2022, including a total of 67 projects. Among them, two new energy projects, including the Hami Solar (thermal) Storage Multi-energy Complementary Integrated Green Power Demonstration Project invested and built by China Energy Engineering Investment Corporation Limited, were selected.

According to the list, the total capacity of the 67 projects will be 47.8325GW, with 27.39GW of PV, 13.495GW of Wind, and 6.9475GW of Storage. For the Storage part (6.9475GW), there will be 13 CSP projects, with total capacity 1.35GW, accounting for 19.43%.

Hami Solar (thermal) Storage project, invested by China Energy Engineering Investment Corporation Limited, ranked first on the project list, with the design total installed capacity of 1.5GW, including 1.35GW of PV and 150MW of CSP. According to the notice, the projects included in the list are regarded as filing of the project, which marks the world’s largest solar (thermal) storage demonstration base project officially landed in Xinjiang.