The breakthrough parabolic trough mirror is the latest high-performance addition to the GreenTree Imports range of solar mirror products.

US industry leaders in glass and mirror manufacturing, GreenTree Imports, Inc., have unveiled a next-generation parabolic trough solar mirror designed to cutting-edge specifications for faultless performance in even the most unforgiving of environments.

The breakthrough parabolic trough mirror is the latest high-performance addition to the GreenTree Imports range of solar mirror products. Along with the firm’s extensive catalogue of glass and solar-mirror products, the new parabolic trough is produced on-site at the firm’s 2.3 million square feet manufacturing facility. Its unique design is cemented in GreenTree Import’s hallmark precision detail, offering enhanced performance at reduced cost.




The new parabolic trough collectors from GreenTree Imports, Inc. are produced from low-iron float glass using an automated Bovone mirror line combined with Glasstech solar surfaces, curved steel production equipment and Intermac cutting machines. This meticulous production process ensures accurate specifications and exact cutting for each installation. A specialized Fenzi paint made for solar mirror, complete with three protective layers, is used at the end of the production process to increase solar heliostat service life in harsh environments.

Francisco, the main company spokesperson, said, “Solar energy is one of the largest growing fields and we at GreenTree Imports, Inc. truly think that it is the foundation of our future. Converting sunlight into usable energy efficiently is definitely the right direction in regard to energy production and the future of the earth and the next step forwards in this journey is the official launch of our cutting-edge parabolic trough solar mirror.”

With a desert environment life expectancy of up to 25 years, the GreenTree Imports parabolic trough is resistant to humidity, salt spray, CASS and UV and offers stability in climatic cycling. It is available in three thicknesses; 3mm, 3.2mm and 4mm.

Parabolic Trough Specifications

Size:Max 1700(Length) X 1900mm(Width) (67”X74.8”)
Thickness:3.2mm to 6mm
Glass panel: Low-Iron Float Glass
Property: Full Tempered Mirror
Arc degree:Y=X2/6600 to Y=X2/7080
Concentrating rate:Measured by Laser Beam, ﹥99%
Reflection rate:4mm≧93%,5mm≧92%
Mechanical strength: 69~90MPa
Life-time:15 to 20years
Parabolic trough mirrors have been deployed around the world on increasingly larger scales in recent years as the battle to reduce financial and environmental energy costs heats up. They offer an attractive efficiency range and, thanks to innovations such as the Fenzi paint, are idea for use in the earth’s most inhospitable environments.

GreenTree Imports is a leading mirror and glass manufacturer. Based in Florida with a global client base, it specializes in providing the highest-quality products at prices that compete with the world’s biggest manufacturers. Focusing on quality customer care, GreenTree Imports utilize only the most advanced technology and resources in all of their glass and mirror manufacturing processes.




The importance of glass in our day to day life cannot be avoided or ignored. Without the manufacturing of glass, there could have no lights to switch, as they are used from bathroom to the living room and from theatres to the social venues. Even glass manufacturing has helped us to get necessary medicines in a sage and convenient manner. There could have to TVs and other entertainment systems if glass manufacturing is not there. There will be contact lenses and spectacles without manufacturing of glass. Apart from this glass, manufacturing has played an important role in our economy.

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Glass isn’t the naturally-occurring substance – generally cavemen need to wait till the volcano erupted or lightning struck till they can find a few glasses. Thus, glass today is made artificially, at times in the factories and in a private studio of the  artist with their own glass formula. Also, there are 2 essential elements that go in making glass: silica (quartz, sand, flint) and alkali potash and soda). The alkali melts silica and the two combine very easily.