A one-day workshop on the topic of Water Consumption in CSP plants will be held at the CIEMAT-Plataforma solar de Almeria (PSA), in Spain on 29th November 2016.

CSP plant operations consume large amounts of water (2000-3000 m3 /GWh), usually in arid locations where water is a precious resource. In CSP power plants the water is used for steam generation, power block cooling, and for cleaning the collectors in the solar field.


The EU has funded two projects on the Horizon 2020 program to address exactly this issue, namely “WASCOP” and “MinWaterCSP”. Both projects started in 2016 and are addressing how water consumption can be significantly reduced in CSP plants. WASCOP and MinWaterCSP project teams have joined up to create a unique workshop to disseminate information in how these reductions in water consumption can be achieved.

CSP plant owners, operators and service providers are invited to attend the workshop. For any questions, please contact Christopher Sansom (c.l.sansom@cranfield.ac.uk).