Wuxi Chemical Equipment, Co., Ltd (WCE) has successfully concluded the supply of the Molten-Salt Heat Exchangers for CGN Delingha 50MW parabolic trough CSP plant, which will be the First Operational Project belonging to the 1st Batch of 20 Pilot CSP Projects in China.

The Molten-Salt Heat Exchangers for the Delingha Project are a consequence of WCE´s development strategy. Their Design and Manufacture were executed according to the established frameworks. In the coming months these Heat Exchangers will be commissioned.

Picture: WCE Molten-Salt Heat Exchangers for CGN Delingha 50MW Parabolic Trough CSP plant

WCE is vigorously committed to developing new technology and products according to international market characteristics. WCE joined with an expert European probing team with over 15 years experience in CSP to develop key equipment like Oil-Salt Heat Exchangers and Steam Generation Systems. It has quickly become a leading company in the CSP sector by introducing innovative high-performance solutions to its Customers, mainly in regard to heat transfer equipment.

To share the heat exchanger product and best practices, WCE will join the upcoming CSP Focus China 2018 conference on March 22-23 in Beijing, and showcase expertise in CSP industry and world-wide projects in the exhibition zone.

WCE also worked closely with leading European companies to provide heat transfer equipment for solar-thermal power projects.

WCE has a deep knowledge of the mediums of heat transfer—such as Steam or Molten Salts. This deep knowledge, together with WCE’s highly specialized engineers and its internal investigations have led to innovations in specific materials for solar thermal applications. The added value of these innovative materials will be realized with the aging of WCE’s projects.

WCE is contributing to the optimization and cost reduction of CSP through its practice of considering the Plant as a whole, rather than the Heat Exchangers as independent elements. Production of the Plant is optimized by taking into consideration the Tanks, Temperatures, Charge-Discharge Processes, Flow Rates, Pressures, Pressure Drops… at the same time. Considering the Plant as a whole, and adding the corresponding operational instructions, has maximized its production through the Heat Exchangers in the SGS and the Storage System.

WCE has always refused the “copy-paste” policy. Instead, WCE provides “tailor-made” solutions by optimizing the plant in collaboration with the Customers. This practice of joint- development is a great advantage for the CSP Industry.

WCE in the CSP Market

Everything described above, together with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing capital goods—with a focus in Heat Exchangers—has transformed WCE into a global leader in Solar Thermal Energy, Parabolic Trough and Tower Plants, as well as in the New Technologies.