As one of the most promising solar CSP markets, China is catching the eye of global CSP players. One year has passed since the announcement of China 1st batch of CSP pilot projects, and what’s going on with the 20 pilot projects? How about the development of China CSP value chain?

CGN Delingha 50MW parabolic trough project is leading the construction progress among the 20 pilot CSP plants, and resources say 65% of the project EPC work has been completed and expected to be commissioned earlier next year.

Though facing the fact that not all of the 20 pilot projects would be surely completed on time by the end of 2018 so as to enjoy the government FiT of RMB 1.15/kWh (USD 0.17/kWh), both the project developers and component providers are trying no efforts to boost the industrial development of China CSP.

To get you a deep visit to the key project developers and involvers, talking with them face-to-face on their project progress and possible cooperation, CSP Focus will organize CSP Focus China Tour on Nov 5-14 . During the tour, the delegation will also fly to Dunhuang, west China, to have a close eye on the operational 1st phase of 10MW CSP plant, and the 2nd phase of 100MW CSP plant under construction developed by Shouhang IHW Energy Saving Company.

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Visiting projects and companies during CSP Focus China Tour Nov.5-14

  • China National Solar Thermal Alliance, discussion on policy trend, local industry chain development, R&D cooperation potential, etc.
  • Shouhang IHW Energy Saving, the project developer of 10MW+100MW CSP Tower project in Dunhuang, the EPC contractor of CGNSED 50MW PT project in Delingha.
  • Shouhang IHW 10+100MW molten salt tower CSP plant in Dunhuang, West China. The 1st phase of 10MW plant is Asian 1st molten salt tower CSP plant which could operate 24 hours per day.
  • Rayspower, the developer of Rayspower Yumen CSP project, 50MW Parabolic Trough plant with storage.
  • North China Power Engineering, the leading power engineering company in China, participating several CSP projects in China.
  • NWEPDI Northwest Electric Power Design Institute, another leading power engineering company in China, participating several CSP projects in China, EPC contractor of Hami 50MW molten salt tower CSP project.
  • Zhejiang Supcon Solar, the developer of 50MW Supcon Delingha molten salt tower CSP plant, and completed China 1st commercial CSP project.
  • Shanghai Electric Central Academy, one of the leading CSP R&D institute in China, focusing on the R&D on molten salt tower receiver and heliostats design.
  • Jiangsu Xinchen, the developer of 50MW beam down tower CSP project in Yumen.
  • Royal Tech CSP, the developer of two CSP plants, 50MW and 100MW each; and the receiver tube manufacturer in China.
  • United Energy Storage Technology Ltd., TES system integrator in China.