CSP Today announced the winners of its 2nd edition of the CSP Today Awards USA 2011 at a ceremony that took place on Tuesday, 28th of June, as part of CSP Today’s USA 2011 conference.

Thousands of online votes cast by the concentrated solar power industry were assessed by a panel of Judges comprising David Kearney from Kearny Associates, Mark Mehos from NREL, Tom Mancini from Sandia Labs, Tex Wilkins from the DoE CSP program, Gilbert Cohen from Eliasol and Ken Anderson from Cogentrix.

The winners of this year’s awards include:

Commercialized Technology Innovation USA 2011

Torresol Energy

CSP Today Increased Dispatchability Solution USA 2011

Solar Reserve

CSP Today Newcomer of 2011

Gossamer Space Frames

CSP Today Best CSP Intergration USA 2011


CSP Today Technological Suppliers USA 2011


CSP Today Engineering Firm of 2011


CSP Today EPC Contractor of 2011


CSP Today Most Effective Environmental Stewardship of 2011

Solar Trust of America

Dr. Christoph Wolff, CEO of Solar Millennium, mentioned that STA’s award for its US Blythe project, which broke ground last month, is "a valuable confirmation of the group’s work and evidence that economic and ecological interests do not have to conflict with one another".

Solar Trust of America has 2,000 MW of projects in advanced stages of permitting at locations throughout California and Nevada.  Located on public lands in eastern Riverside County, the Blythe Solar Power Project will generate 1,000 MW. The project will be built in two phases or 500 MW each.

Sener and Torresol Energy received their awards as a recognition of innovations developed in Gemasolar, the first commercial CSP plant in the world to use central tower technology with a molten salt receiver and thermal storage system located in Fuentes de Andalucía, Seville in Spain.

Gemasolar, with a 19.9 MW of power, was commissioned successfully in May. SENER has been responsible for providing the technology, the engineering detail design and for leading the EPC and commissioning works of the plant. The technology carried out by SENER in Gemasolar includes innovative solutions like the thermal storage system in molten salts and the central tower receiver.