Xinjiang’s first CSP project invested and constructed by  China Power Engineering Consulting Group Co., Ltd. held its launching ceremony in Hami in December 16th, 2016 .

Hami 50MW CSP molten salt tower project was in the final list of the 20 demonstration projects, it is also Xinjiang ‘s first CSP demonstration project. The  planned capacity of the project is 2x50MWand the  first period is 1x50MW. The total investment of this first project is 1.58 billion RMB with construction period of  21 months, it plans to put into operation in December 2018. After the completion of the project, stable output and good regulating performance can be achieved. The quality and efficiency of power generation are better than that of photovoltaic and wind power generation.


In order to promote the healthy and sustainable development of solar power industry in Hami, the government specially commissioned Northwest Electric Power Design Institute Co. Ltd.  developed a long-term development plan, according to the plan, from 13th Five-Year to 15th Five-Year ,a total  capacity of 5GW CSP project shall be installed .

Meanwhile, CSP relevant equipment manufacturing industry also should be supported.