On August 31th, Yumen Xinneng 50MW molten salt tower CSP demonstration project launches its BOP Construction formally. Gansu No.1 Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd is responsible for this part , according to the project owner.

The fisrt module for the beam-down tower has begun its construction on July 20th   or so, and from now on it is expected to be finished in a week. Jiangsu XinChen CSP Technology Co., Ltd.,the technology supplier, explained to CSPPLAZA that the project adopts an innovative beam down CSP technology, which consists of 15 innovative beam down tower collector modules, and each capacity is 17MWth. Every module is made up of tower, receiver and two smaller molten salt tanks (one hot and one cold), which offers high demanding on foundation standard. If the first one goes well, the subsequent work will be effective and well executed.

In March, Suzhou THVOW Technology Holdings Ltd. (referred to as THVOW Tech) decided to invest this project. Since then, the construction speed began to accelerate.

CSPPLAZA earlier reported that the project got construction permission on May 11th and started construction on June 8th.

THVOW Tech’s subsidiary China Sinogy Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. wins EPC general contractor of this project. China Chengda Engineering CO., LTD wins the contractor of thermal energy storage system design. Shanghai Turbine Co., Ltd. provides turbine for the project. Besides, the air cooling system from Shanghai Electric SPX Technology Co., Ltd. will be used. And the central molten salt tank bidding is expected to open in September 6th.


The ower of CSP project is Yumen Xinneng CSP Electric Co., Ltd., and the shareholders include THVOW Tech(85%), Jiangsu XinChen CSP Technology Co., Ltd. (10%) and Shanghai Parasol renewable Energy Company(5%).

The total investment amount of this project is approximately CNY 1,790 million. It is planned to operate at the end of  2018. The project is expected to complete 43% of the investment before 2017, including the completion of 5 modules in solar field, thermal storage system installment, BOP, factory operation base and 80% of relevant facilities.