Abengoa achieves practical completion for Xina Solar One, its third concentrated solar power plant in South Africa

Abengoa has achieved practical completion for Xina Solar One, its third solar thermal plant in South Africa. Xina Solar One is a 100 MW plant that uses parabolic trough technology to generate renewable and sustainable and dispatchable power from the sun. Furthermore, this power plant features a thermal energy storage [...]

Concentrated Solar Power Collectors for District Heat in Northern Europe

Compared to steam turbines based on a water circuit, ORC installations make it possible to recover heat from low-temperature sources available in small-capacity plants. An ORC system can work well in concert with biomass combustion and solar concentrating units. The system was named for its use of an organic fluid [...]

Experts to build largest concentrated solar power plant in Australia

Dr. John Pye, an energy expert at the Australian National University (ANU), said it was “very exciting to see large-scale CSP finally coming to Australia.” Late on Monday, South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill announced that construction on a 150-megawatt solar thermal power plant would begin in the town of [...]

Morocco’s Experience in Concentrated Solar Power Projects

Morocco is racing toward a renewable energy in overall electricity generation target of 42% by 2020 and 52% by 2030. As part of efforts, Morocco has earmarked 2.3 billion dollars to boost the use of solar energy in agricultural production. This investment is meant to bolster the use of solar [...]

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SolarReserve Signs Agreement with South Australian Government for 150 Megawatt Concentrated Solar Power Project with Energy Storage

The Aurora Solar Energy Project near Port Augusta includes 1,100 megawatt-hours of energy storage in order to meet peak electricity requirements, day and night. The first of its kind in Australia, the Aurora Solar Energy Project will utilise SolarReserve’s leading solar thermal technology with integrated molten salt energy storage. SolarReserve [...]

Concentrated Solar Power plant announced for Port Augusta, in Australia

A 150-megawatt solar thermal power plant has been secured for Port Augusta in South Australia, State Premier Jay Weatherill has announced. Mr Weatherill said the Aurora Solar Energy Project would be ready to go in 2020 and would supply 100 per cent of the State Government's needs. The Government will [...]

Malta touted as distributor for Sahara desert concentrated solar power plant

One of the most ambitious solar plant projects taking root right in the Sahara desert’s vast resources of sunshine, could power Europe for years. A Malta-backed project this week filed a permit request to the Tunisian energy ministry to build a 4.5GW capacity solar farm in the southwest of [...]

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Tunisian Concentrated Solar Power project takes step forward

A giant solar project on the edge of the Sahara Desert has taken a step closer to reality, as developers of the proposed TuNur scheme filed an authorisation request with the Tunisian Ministry of Energy, Mines and Renewable Energy. The consortium wants to build several huge concentrated solar plants (CSPs) [...]

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China officially discloses 20 Concentrated Solar Power demonstration projects

August 8th, several high-rank officials from CNEA and EPPEI openly comment on current progress of China’s first batch of CSP demonstration projects and give suggestions to speed up installation. Chinese government expresses concern on the behind-schedule projects, yet shows full support to building and completing CSP industry in China. Officials [...]

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SUNCNIM 9MWe Fresnel DSG concentrated solar power plant with energy storage

Recently, the construction work of the 9MWe linear Fresnel DSG solar thermal power plant which is developed by SUNCNIM, the subsidiary of the French industrial group CNIM, has made new progress. The first batch of mirrors has been installed in place. This project began construction in October 2016 and [...]

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PV or Concentrated Solar Power, which solar power technology will you choose?

Solar energy has been developed at an unbelievable speed in the past decade. As for generating electricity from the sun, the two dominant technologies go to PV (photovoltaic) and CSP (concentrating solar power). Relevant free Report: Challenges on Financing Solar CSP vs PV Projects The average annual growth rate of [...]

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ARENA push for concentrated solar power in Australia

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) reports a strong response from industry and investors on concentrated solar thermal (CST). This follows ARENA’s call for information from industry, solar manufacturers and green energy investors about CST. The call ended on 31 July, and ARENA is now evaluating responses to see how [...]