China prioritizes Concentrated Solar Power connection and dispatch in new rule

China National Energy Administration issued the Notice Related to Promoting the Large-scale Development of Concentrated Solar Power. Recently, China National Energy Administration issued the Notice of the Comprehensive Department of the National Energy Administration on Matters Related to Promoting the Large-scale Development of Solar Thermal Power. The key information are [...]

Methane dry reforming via a ceria-based redox cycle in a concentrated solar power tower

Drop-in fuels produced using solar energy can provide a viable pathway towards sustainable transportation, especially for the long-haul aviation sector which is strongly dependent on jet fuel. This study reports on the experimental testing of a solar reactor using concentrated solar energy for the production of syngas, a mixture of [...]

Successful PROMES-CNRS thermocline test of latent/sensible heat storage

Most industries currently burn fossil fuels for heat. But to supply heat directly from sunlight, research attention is turning to solar thermal energy storage (TES) so that heat can be delivered as consistently as combusting a fossil fuel using purely solar energy. A solar thermal energy storage breakthrough – a [...]

Next-Generation Concentrating Solar Power Particle Receivers Enable Inexpensive Electricity Generation with Energy Storage

To help propel new forms of renewable energy, the Department of Energy’s Solar Energy Technologies Office has been encouraging development of next generation concentrating solar power (CSP) systems. CSP systems offer a distinct advantage over photovoltaics by enabling energy storage through means other than batteries. CSP uses a field [...]

DOE To Build Concentrated Solar Power Demonstration Facility At Sandia National Lab

Sandia Labs is building a concentrated solar power demonstration facility that is scheduled for completion in 2024. Remember when a camp counselor showed you how to use a magnifying glass to burn your name onto a piece of wood? That’s essentially what concentrated solar power or CSP does. An [...]

90% Efficiency and Beyond – Recent advantages in the volumetric absorber development

Besides the currently mostly deployed molten salt receiver the volumetric air receiver is the only advanced receiver technology that also offers a proven, effective and scalable storage concept (FIGURE 1). In addition, the open volumetric receiver (OVR) technology has significant advantages in simplicity and robustness of operation compared to plants [...]

‘Dispatchable’ renewables in spotlight after upbeat IEA report

The most commonly used sources of dispatchable renewable energy are reservoir-based hydropower facilities, which can be rapidly ramped up or down by grid operators depending on system power needs. This week's upbeat renewable energy supply outlook by the International Energy Agency (IEA) contained an important but overlooked lament about the [...]

Exploiting the operational flexibility of a concentrated solar power plant with hydrogen production

The efficient integration of renewable energy with hydrogen storage is an important means for China to achieve carbon neutrality. Concentrated solar power (CSP) is an emerging technology for solar energy utilization that combines the advantages of power generation and energy storage. However, CSP has not been fully exploited because of [...]

China’s 2050 Power can be Zero Carbon for Under 1% of GDP: Study

A new study in Nature Communications; Cost increase in the electricity supply to achieve carbon neutrality in China calculates the total new expenditure needed to replace fossil fuels for electricity by 2050 (along with the costs of three other less ambitious scenarios not discussed here) This goal will entail a [...]

Concentrated solar power – one of the main energy storage methods

The concentrated solar power station (CSP station) was first developed in 2012 and operates in parallel with photovoltaic power generation. Concentrated solar power is very important to make up for the intermittency of solar power generation. Concentrated solar power can assume multiple roles of “base load power supply + [...]

How the world’s largest concentrated solar power project works

Modern technologies create opportunities for any state to switch to renewable sources of cheap energy from water, wind, or the sun. But for this to happen, of course, efforts must be made and several large-scale reforms and projects implemented, as was done, for instance, in Morocco. How did this country [...]

On-Sun Test of Novel Solar Combined-Cycle

A new paper (Experimental Testing of a 300 kWth Open Volumetric Air Receiver (OVAR) Coupled with a Small-Scale Brayton Cycle. Operating Experience and Lessons Learnt) describes an on-sun test at the Plataforma Solar de Almería (PSA) testing site in Spain of a design for a CSP plant with a novel [...]

4 Concentrated Solar Power Projects Started & 2 CSP Projects Confirmed EPC Last Week in China

1. POWERCHINA Xinjiang Ruoqiang 100MW Concentrated Solar Power + 900MW PV Project The project is located 170 km southeast of Ruoqiang County, Xinjiang, with a total installed capacity of 1000 MW, including 100 MW of CSP and 900 MW of PV. 2. Xinhua Hydropower Bozhou 100MW Concentrated Solar Power+900MW [...]

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