Abengoa reaches a new milestone in its first concentrated solar power project in China

The synchronization of the turbine of the Luneng Haixi 50 MW solar thermal power plant, located in the Qinghai province, was carried out. Abengoa (MCE: ABG/P:SM), the international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the infrastructures, energy and water sectors, has successfully carried out the synchronization [...]

China beam-down Concentrated Solar Power pioneer predicts 30% cost reduction

The developer of the world's first commercial beam-down Concentrated Solar Power plant predicts a four-fold hike in thermal efficiency for a larger 200 MW plant. As CSP developers seek new ways to cut costs, a new 50 MW beam-down tower plant in China will provide valuable insights into an emerging [...]

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POWERCHINA Gonghe 50 MW Tower Concentrated Solar Power Plant Synchronized to The Grid

At 9:02 a.m., September 19th, 2019, POWERCHINA Gonghe 50 MW Tower Concentrating Solar Power Plant was synchronized to the grid as scheduled. The project is co-invested by HYDROCHINA and POWERCHINA NORTHWEST ENGINEERING CO.,LTD, with the latter being the EPC contractor. As the technology provider and one of the subcontractors, SUPCON [...]

Power China Gonghe 50 MW Molten Salt Tower Concentrated Solar Power Project successfully connected to the grid

Power China Gonghe 50MW Molten Salt Tower CSP Project was successfully connected to the grid on September 19, becoming the fourth large scale CSP project in China after CGN Delingha 50MW Trough Project, Shouhang Dunhuang 100MW MS Tower Plant, and SUPCON Delingha 50MW MS Tower Project. Up to date, [...]

Shanghai Electric Exhibits Concentrated Solar Power Breakthrough

Shanghai Electric Group, a leading multinational power generation and electrical equipment manufacturing conglomerate, delivered a new wave of smart, connected and green integrated solutions and technological breakthroughs to the 24th World Energy Congress (WEC) held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Shanghai Electric Exhibits Breakthrough Smart Energy Technologies at [...]

6 Concentrated Solar Power projects with 350 MW capacity will be newly built in China this year

A group of large-scale commercial solar thermal power (CSP) plants have been developed and constructed in China since the official announcement of national first batch of 20 demonstration projects and FiT policy accordingly. Three of the Concentrated Solar Power demos were successfully connected to the grid by the end [...]

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Concentrated Solar Power companies providing valves for China solar thermal power plants

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) is an innovative solar power technology and has been taken by countries like Spain, USA, Dubai, Morocco, South Africa, China and India. With the great expansion of new-built power projects and official support, CSP markets especially in China and Middle East & North Africa (MENA) are [...]

Three solar modules of world’s first commercial beam-down tower Concentrated Solar Power project to be connected to grid

Yumen Xinneng 50 MW molten salt tower CConcentrated Solar Power plant is China's only pilot project taking innovative beam down CSP tower technology and also will be the first large-scale commercial CSP project in the world of this kind. It is expected that No.1-3 Modules will be completed and connected [...]

ACWA Power to support CSP Focus Innovation 2019 Oct.24-25 China

In recent years, ACWA Power has been active in participating PV, wind and Concentrated Solar Power projects. Record performance in installed capacity and bidding price make ACWA Power well-known to all solar industry player. The Concentrated Solar Power projects ACWA Power gets involved include: Dubai Noor Energy 1 Solar Project [...]

Economic potential to develop concentrated solar power in China: A provincial assessment

Analyze the current feasibility and future potential of concentrated solar power (CSP) development in China. Evaluate the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) of different CSP technologies for 31 provincial devisions in China. Calculate the provincial LCOE by considering local policies and metrological conditions. Propose some policy recommendations on developing CSP [...]

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ABB will deliver automation control solutions at the China’s first two concentrated solar power (CSP) plants

ABB is supporting the Chinese government in its efforts to produce emissions-free electricity with concentrating solar thermal power. Building on the successful delivery of power at the first 50 megawatt concentrated solar power in Delingha with China General Nuclear Power Group in late 2018, ABB has been awarded a [...]

China Luneng Haixi 50 MW Tower Concentrated Solar Power project to operate end August

Luneng Haixi 50MW Molten Salt Tower Concentrated Solar Power Project is a crucial part of 700 MW Luneng Haixi Geermu Multi-energy Complement Integration Optimization Pilot Project, which consists of 200 MW PV, 400 MW Wind energy, 50 MW Concentrated Solar Power and 50 MW energy storage system. The 50MW [...]

Suppliers List of China 13 Key Concentrated Solar Power Projects

As CSP Focus keeps reporting, 3 of China 1st phase of 20 demonstration Concentrated Solar Power proejcts have been successfully connected to the grid in the second half year of 2018, which are CGN Delingha 50MW Parabolic Trough Project, Shouhang Dunhuang 100MW Molten Salt Parabolic Trough Project and Supcon Delingha [...]

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