SUPCON SOLAR released the latest six-month operation data of Delingha 50 MW Concentrated Solar Power plant

The monthly generation of SUPCON SOLAR Delingha 50MW Concentrated Solar Power Plant hit 13.0134GWh in March 2020 (Feb.26th to Mar.25th), with fulfillment rate of 100.31%, and 11.6352GWh has been delivered to the grid. According to the operation record, the solar thermal plant has run 27 days in this month and [...]

China, the world’s largest concentrated solar power plant overcoming coronavirus

While a growing number of countries around the world are closing their borders to prevent any further spreading of the coronavirus and COVID/19, China seems to have succeeded in turning the curve around. As a result, Aalborg CSP resumes work with the production of boiler components for the world’s [...]

SaltX’s Chinese partner initiate the construction of a Concentrated Solar Power pilot plant

SaltX Technology's partner in China, Shuangliang Boiler Co. LTD (Shuangliang), moves into the next phase of the pilot plant project. As part of the development work, design parameters have been set and a ton of nanocoated salt has been ordered. The pilot plant is planned to be completed during [...]

Three concentrated solar power projects of 335 MW rescued in China

China government launched the first batch of 20 demonstration CSP project s in September 2016, and seven of the twenty were successively connected to the grid in the past two years. Meanwhile, 13 of the demos are not complete and some even announced cancellation. As CSP Focus keeps reporting, [...]

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Shouhang bags 100 MW Concentrated Solar Power Tower project in China

Shouhang Hightech Energy Technology Co., Ltd (Shouhang), a leading Concentrated Solar Power project developer and EPC contractor in China, signed the “Cooperation Agreement on the Investment of Jinta 100MW Molten Salt Tower Concentrating Solar Power Project” (agreement) with Jinta County People’s Government of Gansu Province on Feb 21st 2020. [...]

Stellio Heliostat Concentrated Solar Power Project Goes Online in China

One of the world’s first molten salt tower concentrated solar power (CSP) projects that uses a “Stellio” heliostat was grid-connected at the end of December in China’s Xinjiang province near the Mongolian border. The 50-MW Hami pilot project developed by Chinese state-owned company China Power Engineering Consulting Group marks [...]

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China Supcon Delingha 50 MW Concentrated Solar Power plant achieved record high performance in Feb. 2020

The monthly generation of China Supcon Delingha 50 WM Concentrating Solar Power tower plant reached record high at 17.1795 GWh in February 2020 (from Jan 26 to Feb 25), with the generation fulfillment rate of 102.9%. Supcon Delingha 50 MW Molten Salt Tower solar thermal project is one of the [...]

China mulls withdrawal of subsidies for concentrated solar power (CSP) and offshore wind energy in 2021

It already set aside $217m to fund new solar power projects in 2020. China has set aside CNY1.5b ($217m) to finance new solar power projects in 2020. A third of funding will go to distributed power projects for residential users, whereas two-thirds of it will be divided between large-scale solar [...]

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China largest 100 MW parabolic trough Concentrated Solar Power plant connected to the grid

CSNP Royal Tech Urat 100MW Parabolic Trough Concentrated Solar Power Project was successfully connected to the gird at 22:49 p.m. on January 8th, 2020. Following the first CGN Delingha 50MW parabolic trough solar thermal project which was connected to the grid in October 2018, the CSNP project became the second [...]

China makes half of global newly-built concentrated solar power capacity in 2019

Two more large-scale demonstration concentrating solar power (CSP) projects joined the team of operational solar thermal plants in China at the end of last year in 2019. Up to date, there are seven large-scale concentrated solar power projects with total capacity of 350MW in operation distributed across West China. Chart: [...]

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Abengoa Spain promotes millionaire investment in China to boost concentrated solar power plant of more than 50MW

China advances with more energy, better technologies and new alliances. This new solar thermal investment with Spain's Abengoa is part of the ambitious renewable energy program launched by the government of the People's Republic of China with the purpose of reaching a solar thermal installed base of at least [...]

Fresnel Concentrated Solar Power project operates in Dunhuang China

Lanzhou Dacheng Dunhuang 50 MW Molten Salt Fresnel Concentrated Solar Power Project was successfully connected to the gird at 17:50 p.m. on December 31, 2019, becoming the first demonstration Fresnel CSP project in China, and the world largest solar thermal power plant taking Fresnel CSP technology. China have seven [...]

China-made Long shaft molten salt pump successfully applied in Hami Concentrated Solar Power Tower Project

On December 29, 2019, China Power Engineering Hami 50MW Tower Concentrated Solar Power Project was successfully connected to the grid for the first time. The long shaft molten salt pump used in this project is provided by three manufacturers, two imported brands and one domestic brand. The domestic brand long [...]