2019 China International Concentrated Solar Power Conference

In 2018, three Chinese demonstration Concentrated Solar Power projects with a total capacity of 200MW have been put into operation. In 2019,China will continue to develop CSP market vigorously, and there are 350MW new installed capacity will be added. Meanwhile, SEPCO 3and NWEPDI have been fully involved in the construction [...]

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China to lead global concentrated solar power market by 2030

The global CSP capacity is estimated to increase significantly from 5.6 gigawatt (GW) in 2018 to 22.4 GW in 2030 following significant capacity additions by China, Chile and countries in Middle East North Africa (MENA) region according to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.   The company's latest report [...]

Delingha 50 MW Tower Concentrated Solar Power Plant Reached Full-load Operation

At 14:19, April 17th,2019, SUPCON SOLAR Delingha 50MW Tower CSP Plant reached full-load operation. Records show the major indicators of the system has exceeded their design parameters: The molten salt at the outlet of the receiver reached 566℃ and steam pressure reached 13.3MPa. The turbine generator output power reached [...]

9th CSP Focus China 2019 open on Mar.21-22 in Beijing

The 9th Annual CSP Focus China 2019 , global top Concentrated Solar Power industry gathering in China, is opening in DoubleTree by Hiltion Beijing today and tomorrow on March 21-22. Around 300 CSP industry players from China, Europe, America, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, India,  and other regions present at the conference, [...]

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Solargis illustrates solar resource assessment for China Concentrated Solar Power projects

Solargis makes solar energy assessment simple, reliable, standardized and transparent, to help solar industry be more efficient and cost-competitive on the energy market. Solar and meteorological data, energy simulation services and consultancy offered by Solargis reduce technical and economic uncertainty of solar energy projects, save costs and increase return [...]

Key Concentrated Solar Power project developers & EPCs in China solar thermal power industry

With the rise of China concentrated solar power (CSP) industry, especially after the launch of 1st batch of 20 demonstration projects in the year of 2016, an increasing number of Chinese local companies have been entering such an emerging new energy market, trying to get some share of this “big [...]

China largest parabolic trough Concentrated Solar Power plant foresees completion this year

As one of the first batch of 20 pilot Concentrated Solar Power projects, CSNP Royal Tech Urat 100MW Parabolic Trough CSP Project is the largest trough plant within the pilot projects and the only remaining pilot project located in Inner Mongolia province. Following the first CGN Delingha 50MW parabolic trough [...]

China Stumbles on Path to Concentrated Solar Power Supremacy

In the final days of 2018 a 100-megawatt Concentrated Solar Power plant capable of running around-the-clock, 365-days-a-year connected to the Northwest China regional power grid. It was a race against time to commission the plant in temperatures as low as -20 celsius—and one that Concentrated Solar Power plant designer and [...]

China finish feasibility study of another 3 GW CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) projects

111 CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) projects with total capacity of 9 GW took part in the application of the 1st batch of 1.349 GW China 20 Concentrated Solar Power pilot projects in September 2016. Till now, two and half years have passed, and three of the 1st batch demonstration projects [...]

Solar field completed for Power China 50 MW molten salt tower Concentrated Solar Power project

Power China Gonghe 50MW Molten Salt Tower Concentrated Solar Power Project, as one of China first batch of pilot CSP projects, is under great progress and supposed to be commissioned in middle of 2019. The project Solar Field EPC SUPCON Solar says, up to date, all the 30,016 pieces [...]

China Concentrated Solar Power entrants bolster IP licenses, services to secure growth

Western Concentrated Solar Power companies operating in China must focus on robust intellectual property (IP) licenses and deeper supply and services bases to retain a share of the fastest-growing Concentrated Solar Power market, industry experts told New Energy Update. China's Concentrated Solar Power expertise is growing and the country is [...]

Further FiT policy to be clear for China 1st batch “delayed” Concentrated Solar Power demos

Only 3 amongst China 1st batch of 20 Concentrated Solar Power demonstration projects with total capacity of 200 MW have been successfully completed by the due time before the end of 2018, and are able to enjoy the Feed-in-tariff of RMB 1.15/kWh (around USD 17 cents/kWh). What would it [...]

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China Made Solar PV Cheap – Is Concentrated Solar Power Next?

As China closes in on doubling today’s entire total global capacity of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), a new paper, The Dragon Awakens: Will China Save or Conquer Concentrating Solar Power? analyses the potential impact that the nation’s ambitions, and record-low costs, might have on global CSP – both good and [...]

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