Luis Crespo

Market integration barriers for Concentrated Solar Power development in MENA

ESTELA presentation on "Market integration barriers and support mechanisms for CSP development in MENA" at World Bank Middle East & North Africa Concentrated Solar Power Knowledge and Innovation Program at Energy Market Integration panel by L. Crespo (2017.03.07 in Ouarzazate) For countries, like those in the MENA regions, with [...]

LCOE of STE plants is much lower than LCOE of PV plants with 6 hours battery storage, by Luis Crespo

RES technologies account for most of the new capacity additions in the last years at world level and this trend will increase exponentially in the near future. Sooner than later the share of new yearly renewable capacity at world level will be above 95%. PV and Wind are currently “skimming” [...]

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ESTELA re-elected Dr. Luis Crespo as President for 2016 – 2017

The General Assembly of the European Solar Thermal Electricity Association (ESTELA), re-elected Dr. Luis Crespo for the next 2-year term. Together with the President election, the Executive Committee of the Association was also newly mandated. Dr. Luis Crespo was appointed unanimously as President by the ESTELA General Assembly for another [...]

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50 Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and 2,304 MW in Spain, by Luis Crespo

In 2013 were connected to the grid the last seven concentrating solar thermal power plants of 50 MW contained in the Remuneration Pre-assignment Register in Spain, with which reach 2,304 MW of installed capacity.

EStela: Luis Crespo is re-elected as President for the next term 2014-2015 (Concentrated Solar Power-CSP)

On 10 December, at the General Assembly of the European Solar Thermal Electricity Association (ESTELA), Dr. Luis Crespo was unanimously re-elected for the next 2-year term.