Refractaris seeks in Africa and Asia to expand its international sales of shields for Concentrated Solar Power

The company Refractaris, located in the Montemayor municipality of Cordoba (Spain) and specialized in the design, production and installation of solutions aimed at protecting and isolating equipment of high temperatures above 500 degrees, has become a leader in solar thermal shields and seeks in Africa and Asia expand its international [...]

Refractaris leads the construction of solar shields for concentrated solar power

In the world, Córdoba now begins to sound due to other temperatures, those generated in the furnaces and solar shields manufactured by the company Refractaris, based in Montemayor, and which has become an international benchmark in the energy sector and solar thermal technology. In recent years, 95 percent of [...]

Refractaris participates in the construction of Dubai’s concentrated solar power tower

The spanish company Refractaris participates in the construction in Dubai of the tallest solar tower in the world. With a height of 260 meters and capable of generating 100 megawatts, the solar thermal project is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2020. The tower is part of [...]