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RioHuan Concentrated Solar Power Ready to Serve Its Chinese Customers

First Mirrors Rolling Off the Production Line in Hohhot. RioHuan, the Joint Venture between market leader Rioglass Solar and Tianjin Zhonghuan Electronics and Information Group Co., Ltd. (TZG), the manufacturer of high-end solar receivers and mirrors for Concentrated Solar Power and Concentrated Photovoltaic applications in the Chinese market, officially [...]

Rioglass Solar, leader in Concentrated Solar Power

Rioglass Solar is capitalising on the budding rise of solar thermal applications to meet the ever-diversifying range of requirements across its global customer base Writer: Matthew Staff Project Manager: Thomas Arnold One decade may not seem like a long time when it comes to global industry development, but in [...]

Rioglass introduces its next generation receiver and sets a new benchmark for Concentrated Solar Power output efficiency

Rioglass Solar is proud to introduce its cutting edge and unrivaled non-degradable receiver tube, the ‘UVAC X’. This next generation receivers provides our clients superior performance and sets a new benchmark for thermal heat production using parabolic trough technology. To date, when modeling the electricity production of a plant, project [...]

SCHOTT to close Concentrated Solar Power deal with Rioglass Solar

The international technology group SCHOTT AG has closed the sales of its CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) business to Rioglass Solar by agreement with the regulatory bodies. The buyer, Spanish Rioglass Solar, has acquired the production facility in Aznalcóllar near Seville, and also a large part of SCHOTT’s CSP assets located [...]

Rioglass to buy Schott Solar’s unit

CNMC has greenlit Rioglass Solar’s planned acquisition of the Spanish subsidiary of Schott Solar CSP GmbH, including a factory in Aznalcollar city, Sevilla province. As announced in December, Rioglass Solar, which makes HCE receivers and parabolic mirrors for concentrated solar power (CSP) and concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) installations, agreed to buy [...]

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Rioglass Solar acquires Schott’s receiver business

Rioglass Solar, leading manufacturer of HCE receivers and mirrors used for Solar Thermal Energy (STE) and Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) technologies, has signed an agreement with Schott Solar CSP GmbH (Schott Solar), for the acquisition of its receiver business, including the company in Spain and the assets in Germany. Jose M. [...]