European Concentrated Solar Power capacity to reach as high as 5 GW by 2030

The European Union’s total CSP capacity could reach as high as 5 GW by the year 2030 if all the pieces fall into place, a study by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has found. Spain’s first CSP plant went into operation in 2008, and it is still the only [...]

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Acciona has reached an agreement to sell its five concentrated solar power thermal plants in Spain

ACCIONA has reached an agreement to sell its five solar thermal plants in Spain (with a combined capacity of 250MW) to ContourGlobal plc. The transaction amounts to €1.09 billion, which could increase by €27 million, to €1.12 billion, if certain milestones are met. Once completed, the deal will enable [...]

Concentrated Solar Power sets a historic generation record in 2017 in Spain

The solar thermal plant has also reached a record of contribution to the energy mix, reaching 2.2% of the total electricity generation in Spain and has significantly increased its efficiency by boosting demand coverage above 10% in specific hourly periods. Solar thermal energy has increased its production of electricity [...]

The concentrated solar power (CSP) generated 2.2% of electricity in Spain in 2017

Renewable energies generated 33.7 of electricity in 2017 in Spain. Wind power accounted for 19.2%, solar thermal 2.2% and photovoltaic 3.2%. Generation from January to December 2017 In December, renewable energies generated 33.2 of electricity in 2017 in Spain. Wind accounted for 24.3%, solar thermal for 0.6% and photovoltaic for [...]

MENA Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) KIP Spain Study Tour

The World Bank’s MENA CSP KIP welcomed five Jordanian officials to Spain for a study tour in November. The guests included Jordanian officials from the National Electric Power Company (NEPCO), the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) and the Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission (EMRC).   Figure 1. [...]

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Spain’s Concentrated Solar Power Performed

As prices for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) with thermal energy storage dropped an astonishing 50% between May and November this year, it seemed that 2017 saw the kind of price breakthrough that could allow CSP to compete with traditional thermal power in supplying dispatchable electricity. CSP is the heat-based form [...]

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Save the largest concentrated solar power research center in Spain, Plataforma Solar de Almería

The Solar Platform of Almería (PSA) is the most important research center in the world in solar thermal concentration technologies, leading international projects and initiatives promoted and supported by the European Union. The PSA is cataloged in Spain as a Singular Scientific and Technical Infrastructure (ICTS) and at European [...]

The concentrated solar power produced 2.1% of electricity in October and 2.5% so far this year

Renewable energies generated 26.3% of electricity in Spain in October, wind power 15.5%, photovoltaic 3.2 and solar thermal 2.1. Generation of the month of October of 2017 The peninsular demand for electrical energy in October is estimated at 20,145 GWh, 1.6% higher than that recorded in the same month [...]

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The concentrated solar power (CSP) supplied 3.4% of electricity in Spain in September

Renewable energies generated 30.3%, wind energy 15%, solar thermal 3.4% and photovoltaic energy 3.9%. Wind energy production in September reached 2,764 GWh, up 7% on that of the same month last year, accounting for 15% of total production. 54.9% of electricity production this month came from technologies that do not [...]

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The concentrated solar power will replace the natural gas combined cycle

Luis Crespo: "The concentrated solar power plants will replace the combined cycles as backup technology to guarantee the electricity supply". For the president of Estela and Protermosolar, the combination of renewable renewable energy (wind, etc.) with thermosolar allows a mix of 100% renewable generation at a competitive cost. Luis [...]

The concentrated solar power generated 3.6% of electricity in Spain

In the month of August generation from renewable energy sources has represented 31% of production. By technologies, wind power production in August reached 3,275 GWh, 9.1% less than in the same month last year, accounting for 16.2% of total production, while the sources of generation have contributed during the [...]

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MENA/Chile: Concentrated Solar Power Benchmark Costs

A tender for 94.5 USD/MWhel in Dubai and an R&D initiative called SunShot in the United States have shown how the cost of concentrated solar power (CSP) could be lowered at a steady pace thanks to economies of scale and optimised manufacturing and operation. Though the solar power market [...]

Concentrated Solar Power generates 4.1% of electricity in Spain in July

According to the source of energy generation, 20.6% was nuclear, 18.8% of coal, 17.8% of combined cycle, 15.5% was wind, 10.8% came from the Cogeneration, 5.3% hydropower, 4.2% photovoltaic solar, 4.1% solar thermal, 1.3% of waste, and 1.6% of other renewable energy. Peninsular demand for electricity in July is estimated [...]

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