Last fall ESTELA and other RES associations joined Solar Impulse Foundation, an environmental non-profit project that aims to address sustainability challenges while enabling economic growth. Since then the group has jointly prepared 146 recommendations to help Member States reach their goals to deploy renewable energies and increase energy efficiency.

The recommendations come at critical time, as later this year Member States will be submitting updates to their National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs). In order to highlight the value these recommendations bring to the ongoing energy transition, Solar Impulse Foundation and RES associations have been on the road visiting EU Ministers responsible for the updates to the NECPs. On 21 April 2023 the Secretary General of or Member Protermosolar will join a meeting with Spanish Minister of Energy to underline the advantages conecntrated solar technologies can bring to Spanish energy market.

To read our recommendations linked to concentrated solar thermal technologies, check out chapter 2 section 2.9 “Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) Technologies”.