The K.EY – the Energy Transition Expo, to be held in Rimini from 22 to 24 March 2023, offers comprehensive showcase of technology, integrated solutions and services that can drive the energy transition towards a carbon neutral economy, connecting and bringing together stakeholders, players and leaders from the world of renewables.

Our Secretary General Bérénice Crabs will open the session about concentrated solar thermal, speaking about the current situation and perspectives for CST/CSP. She will be followed by the following speakers:

  1. Antonio Guglielmo, ENEA Project coordinator and prof. Maurizio De Lucia, UniFI, discussing research projects in progress.
  2. Simone Germani, who will talk about the works of the Technical Committee CEI 117/126.
  3. Vito Campanella, from Sol. In. Par srl & Stromboli Solar srl, who will present the experience of the first Italian commercial CSP plants.

Following a Q&A, the session will continue with a round table discussion.

For full programme and tickets, please follow the link here.