Absolicon, Ariya Fingery plan solar thermal field with Iberafrica Power in Nairobi

Ariya Finergy has signed a framework agreement with Absolicon to acquire and operate a robotised production line that manufactures Absolicon’s concentrating solar collector T160. The solar collectors have a 76% optical efficiency and produce heat and steam up to 160⁰ Celsius for industrial processes. The framework agreement contains requirements for [...]

Absolicon gets grant for solar thermal plant in Sweden

The Swedish Energy Agency has made a EUR-800,000 (USD 877,000) grant to Absolicon Solar Collector AB for what the latter says will be Europe’s largest solar thermal field for district heating with small concentrated parabolic troughs. Absolicon's founder Joakim Byström. Photographer: Lars Wahlström The project in question will be realised [...]

Parabolic trough collector production line shipped to China

As part of the joint venture, Xinkun will be responsible for producing the collectors and managing logistics, while Jointeam will be in charge of sales and project development. “We will assist our Chinese customers in scaling up production and engineering initial projects,” Joakim Byström, CEO of Absolicon, said. The deal [...]

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