Acwa to start Noor Energy 1 project operations in Dubai

Saudi-based Acwa Power, a leader in power generation and water desalination plants, has announced plans to begin the first phase of Noor Energy 1 project, located in Dubai with a total capacity of 217 MW. In a filing to Saudi bourse Tadawul, Acwa Power, said it had obtained the commercial [...]

ACWA and Abengoa share updates on DEWA’s 700 MW Concentrated Solar Power project

During the webinar named “DEWA’s 700MW CSP project update” held on March 25 last month, representatives from the Owner ACWA Power and Parabolic Trough Technology Provider Abengoa shared the latest information on Dubai 700MW concentrated solar power project, which is included in the 950MW Noor Energy 1 CSP-PV solar [...]

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ACWA shows confidence in China solar Concentrated Solar Power players

Head-quartered in Saudi Arabia, ACWA Power is a developer, investor, co-owner and operator of a portfolio of power generation and desalinated water production plants currently with presence in 10 countries including in the Middle East and North Africa, Southern Africa and South East Asia regions. In recent years, ACWA Power [...]

The NOORo I, II and III concentrated solar power plants at COP22

NOORo I, NOORo II and NOORo III, three solar thermoelectric power plants belonging to the largest solar complex on the planet, located in Ouarzazate (Morocco), are turnkey developments of the SENER engineering and technology group, in which the latter provides its own technology. These facilities are expected to attract the [...]

Acwa’s Redstone concentrated solar power project hits cost roadblock in South Africa

Riyadh’s Acwa Power together with the US company SolarReserve is developing the Redstone project, a molten salt central receiver in the Northern Cape province of South Africa. This is the first in the continent of a new generation of solar plants that are garnering interest around the world. The technology [...]

Why ACWA’s active in South African Concentrated Solar Power market?

Head-quartered in Saudi Arabia, ACWA Power is a world leading developer, investor, co-owner and operator of a portfolio of power generation plants. Positioning as a major player in global renewable energy sector has been a crucial part of ACWA’s strategy. In concentrated solar power domain, the giant makes the whole [...]

ACWA, Abengoa make lowest bids for 350-MW of Morocco Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)

The lowest bids in two tenders for up to 350 MW of concentrated solar power (CSP) capacity in Morocco have been made by tie-ups led by Saudi Arabia’s ACWA Power and Spanish firm Abengoa, Reuters reported.

FLABEG FE’s successful completion of solar mirror delivery for Bokpoort Concentrated Solar Powe Project

FLABEG announces the successful completion of solar mirror delivery for the Bokpoort Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) project in Northern Cape Province, South Africa.

First Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant in Morocco solar mega solar energy project to open in 2015

Morocco's first Concentrated Solar Power plant will begin operating in 2015 as part of a multi-billion-euro project the oil-scarce kingdom hopes will satisfy its growing energy needs.

Expansion of Morocco’s Largest Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Complex to Provide 1.1 Million Moroccans with Solar Energy

The Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) project will back the government’s strategy of harnessing power from the sun through the use of concentrated solar power technology.

World Bank has approved the $519m Noor-Ouarzazate concentrated solar power (CSP) project in Morocco

The Noor-Ouarzazate Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Complex alone will supply power to 1.1 million Moroccans by 2018.

Morocco’s 160-MW Ouarzazate Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) to go live in H1 2015

Morocco’s 160-MW Ouarzazate concentrated solar power (CSP) plant will become operational near the end of June 2015.

IFC invests in ACWA Power to support Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)

IFC is considering investing with ACWA Power in the 160 megawatt Noor 1 project, in Ouarzazate, Morocco, which is the largest concentrated solar power project in the developing world.

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