Protermosolar with other Ibero-American Renewable Associations will sign renewable energy commitment at COP25

The 12 associations that have made this commitment will be: Spanish Wind Energy  Association (AEE Spain), APPA Renewable, Protermosolar and UNEF (Spain), ACERA (Chile), AEEREE (Ecuador), AMDEE and ASOLMEX (Mexico), AUDER (Uruguay), Cader (Argentina), SER Colombia and SPR (Peru). Within the framework of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change [...]

Project a concentrated solar power plant in La Puna, Argentina

Jujeños technicians and the rionegrina state company Applied Investigations (Invap) made field records in the Puna region and defined technical aspects around the construction of a project of a solar thermal power plant in the department of Susques. The work was carried out among engineers of the state-owned Jujuy Energy [...]

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