CSIRO’s Renewable Energy Storage Roadmap: Concentrated Solar Power lowest cost

The CSIRO Renewable Energy Storage Roadmap identifies Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) as the lowest cost technology for long-duration renewable energy storage, among the storage technologies required to reach net zero in Australia. The CSIRO Renewable Energy Storage Roadmap outlines the significant role that concentrating solar thermal power (often referred to as [...]

Technology for Australian Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) users

AUSTELA Chair Andrew Want discusses the System Advisor Model project, which set out to improve the accessibility of the technology for Australian Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) users.

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) a cost-effective ingredient for powering the grid

A collaborative research study has shown energy derived from concentrating solar thermal power (CST) can be a cost-effective solution to augmenting Australia’s power grid, saving almost a $1b in network investment.

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) in Australia: Breaking the gridlock

A project by the Australian Solar Thermal Energy Association – AUSTELA – and two universities examined the potential for concentrating solar thermal power.

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