RayGen connects concentrated solar power towers to the grid, but storage component will have to wait

A Melbourne-based solar storage technology company hoping to combine solar power and long duration energy storage (LDES) has announced that one component of its flagship site in Western Victoria is now connected to the grid. RayGen – backed by AGL and a host of big international energy companies – said [...]

Vast Solar to grow Port Augusta Concentrated Solar Power to 150 MW at old SolarReserve site

When SolarReserve proposed a 150 MW tower Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) power plant for Port Augusta, the firm was fresh off completing Crescent Dunes, the world’s first attempt at utility scale tower CSP with storage. The startup was unable to get funding to build the Port Augusta project, but it [...]

Could a storage target or a capacity incentive provide a lifeline for concentrated solar power?

Advocates for Australia’s fledgling solar thermal industry argue that an appropriately designed storage incentive – either a specific target or a capacity incentive – could support the emergence of new solar thermal and long-term energy storage technologies, without propping up ageing fossil fuel generators. Director of the Australian Solar Thermal [...]

Australia large-scale hybrid Concentrated Solar Power-battery-PV project revived

A novel project in development in Australia combining concentrating solar power (CSP), molten silicon thermal storage, solar PV and a grid-scale battery system appears to be revived by a new joint venture (JV). Called Aurora, the project in South Australia was being developed by 1414 Degrees (14D), a technology company [...]

Vast Solar and 1414 team up for new attempt at Port Augusta solar storage hub

Australian concentrated solar company Vast Solar has teamed up with another local thermal storage hopeful 1414 Degrees in the latest attempt to build a large scale solar thermal and storage plan in Port August, South Australia. The Sydney-based Vast Solar will acquire 50% of the shares in Silicon Aurora, a [...]

Vast Solar to build world-leading solar thermal project in South Australia

The Prime Minister and Minister for Industry, Energy and Emissions Reductions announced today that Vast Solar has received Australian Government backing to build a concentrated solar thermal power (CSP) plant in Port Augusta, South Australia. The plant will generate clean, low-cost, reliable power, and catalyse an export-focussed renewables manufacturing industry creating hundreds [...]

Vast Solar reboots Port August concentrated solar power plans, with $110m federal funds

Plans to build a solar thermal power plant in Port Augusta are back on the table, after local outfit Vast Solar was awarded federal government backing to build a 20MW project with 12 hours of storage near the South Australian city. The $110 million in finance for the proposed concentrated [...]

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Fossil fuel giant Woodside turns to concentrated solar power tech in new hydrogen play

Oil and gas giant Woodside Petroleum has agreed to help fund the construction of a 5MWe concentrated solar technology demonstration plant in California’s Mojave Desert, and has struck a deal that could see it use the technology for green hydrogen and other uses in Australia and around the world. The [...]

Heliogen Lines up Woodside for Australian Concentrated-Solar-Power Push

Heliogen has secured funding from top Australian oil and gas producer Woodside Petroleum for a full-scale trial of its concentrated solar power (CSP) technology ahead of a planned push into Australia. Aiming to invest $5 billion in new-energy products by 2030, Woodside has also agreed to buy a stake in [...]

Researchers in Australia Investigate Open Vortex Solar Receiver for Thermochemistry at 1000°C

As the need to end the use of fossil fuels for high temperature industries becomes apparent, solar researchers are developing high temperature technologies for tower Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) energy to replace the heat. Particles like sand or specially manufactured ceramic particles have been shown to hold heat at 1000°C [...]

Concentrated solar power has not taken off in Australia

In the lead up to UNESCO’s World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development (4 March), create is presenting a series of discussions with experts, revealing the evidence — including major innovations and projects, challenges and solutions, opportunities and risks — that proves engineers in Australia are leading the way to a [...]

Techno-economic performances of future concentrated solar power plants in Australia

The prediction of the techno-economic performances of future concentrated solar power (CSP) solar tower (ST) with thermal energy storage (TES) plants is challenging. Nevertheless, this information is fundamental to energy policymakers. This work aims to fill the knowledge gap regarding estimations of costs, amount, and quality of electricity produced by [...]

Heliogen on breakthrough concentrated solar power technology project

Australia’s Woodside Petroleum is partnering with Pasadena-based technology player Heliogen to build a commercial-scale demonstration facility in California using the latter’s “breakthrough” solar technology. Concentrated solar energy company Heliogen said that Woodside Energy (USA) gave it a Limited Notice to Proceed (LNTP) to begin procuring equipment for a 5 MW [...]

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