Synhelion produces First Solar Syngas in Wood’s Industrial-Scale Reforming Reactor

Synhelion has become the first company in the world to succeed in producing syngas on an industrial scale using only solar heat as an energy source. The Swiss solar fuel pioneer successfully demonstrated this on the multi-focus solar tower of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Jülich, North Rhine- Westphalia. [...]

Project would make jet fuel using concentrated solar power and green hydrogen

A demonstration project in California plans to use concentrated solar power and green hydrogen to produce what its development partners said would be sustainable aviation fuels. The project will take place at concentrated solar power (CSP) provider Heliogen's demonstration facility in Lancaster in northern Los Angeles County. Heliogen is partnering [...]

How “Hot Solar” Aviation Fuel from H2O and CO2 Has Taken Off

A Q&A with Aldo Steinfeld – pioneer in solar fuels research Aldo Steinfeld, a professor at ETH Zurich, has been systematically developing the technologies for the production of solar fuels over several decades. At a time when concentrated solar power (CSP) was first attempted as an electricity producer, Steinfeld’s lab [...]

How Much Land Would Concentrated Solar Power Need to make All Our Aviation Fuel?

The latest figures for aviation fuel use per year show that the world used 300 megatons of jet fuel annually in 2019, manufacturing them from fossil fuels. But a carbon-constrained future requires us to envision a world that can produce that much aviation fuel for commercial aircraft, but without carbon [...]

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