CESP switches on pilot Concentrated Solar Power plant in Brazil

Brazilian utility Companhia Energetica de Sao Paulo, better known as CESP, has commenced the operation of a 500-kW concentrated solar power (CSP) plant, the country’s first of its kind. The pilot plant required an investment of BRL 57 million (USD 11.4m/EUR 10.3m), CESP announced on Monday. The CSP plant is [...]

The first Concentrated Solar Power plant in Brazil will come into operation at the end of January

Eudora Energia implemented, at Cesp's plant, a R$ 49 million project for the Concentrated Solar Power plant to start operating at the end of the month. Before the end of January, Eudora Energia must put into operation the first solar thermal plant in Brazil. The millionaire project has 0.5 MW [...]

Brazil’s Eletrosul to test Concentrated Solar Power technology

Brazil's Eletrosul will trial concentrating solar power (CSP) technology via a 250-kW project in the town of Caputera, the company, which is controlled by state-run energy group Eletrobras, said on Friday. The BRL-16.5-million (USD 4.4m/EUR 3.8m) project is supported by the Research and Development Programme of Brazil's power sector [...]

Brazil’s first Concentrated Solar Power project to receive prelim license by H1 2016

Brazil's first concentrated solar power (CSP) project, with a capacity of 1 MW, should receive its preliminary license in the first half of this year, the Ministry of Mines and Energy said on Friday. This authorisation is only the first of the three  environmental licensing levels that the project must [...]

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Brazil calls for Concentrated Solar Power projects

The Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency (Aneel) invited proposals September 28 for Concentrated Solar Power research and development projects. The Concentrated Solar Power program was developed in partnership with GIZ, the German government-owned international development agency. Companies have 90 days to express their interest and 180 days to start the projects, [...]

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Several Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) projects competing in the auction of Brazil

Solar photovoltaic also showed strong interest with 225 installations totalling 6.1 GW seeking to compete alongside eight concentrated solar power plants totalling 240 MW.

Emerging markets show promise for future Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) development

The last quarter of 2014 has been filled in with several crucial announcements for the Global Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) industry.

Supply of DSG receiving tubes to the world’s first Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Plant producing steam for factory production

Archimede Solar Energy (ASE), Massa Martana (Perugia), Italy, has awarded the contract for supply DSG receiving tubes to the world’s first Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Plant producing steam for factory production.

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